Underwater NetworksCultural HeritageResearch & Innovation

Underwater Networks

The internet of underwater things becomes a reality with WSENSE’s communication protocol stacks.

Cultural Heritage

A complete suite of monitoring solutions for transportation of artifacts and for environmental monitoring of their exposition sites.

Research & Innovation

Wsense research activities: from structural health monitoring to large infrastructure networks.

About us

WSENSE srl is a spinoff company of Rome University "La Sapienza" addressing Internet of Things, terrestrial and underwater monitoring and control systems.
WSENSE gathers the expertise of award-winning academics who are internationally renown innovators in the field, an energetic and talented R&D team, as well as a very solid development unit comprising hardware and software engineers. This unique team allows WSENSE to design and develop innovative turn-key solutions customized for different vertical sectors and applications, covering all aspects, from HW design to networking, applications and services, supporting reliability, efficiency, long endurance and security.
Current offer includes underwater monitoring and control systems, IoT systems for environmental monitoring and structural health monitoring, technologies for preservation and valorisation of cultural heritage.