Data Logger: a black box for artefacts transportation

For ancient and invaluable artifacts, transportation is a very delicate affair, vibration, temperature and changes in environmental humidity can generate stress and result in significant damage.

WSENSE has developed a specially conceived black box, the WS-ML 01, a tiny state-of-the-art data logger capable of collecting data on environmental events that can cause damage to artwork during its transportation.

The key characteristic of this datalogger is that it has networking capabilities and, thanks to the presence of a wireless radio capability or cellular connectivity, two or more dataloggers can synchronize to each other and log events at the same instant in time.

This allows the placement of one or more dataloggers directly on the monitored artwork (using the specifically designed external sensors) and another on the external package. This allows the monitoring of the propagation of shocks and vibrations from the exterior to the artwork and vice versa.

The WS-ML 01 was already used in more than 20 transports, with over 30 masterpieces successfuly secured by our system.

Some of our success stories:

Moi Auguste Empereur de Rome

Narciso by Caravaggio

Rondanini Pietà

Kongo: Power and Majesty

Correggio and Parmigianino