Infrastructure Monitoring

The MMS-1 is the new modular platform for structural health monitoring applications developed by Wsense. The MMS-1 node, which is mountable on a standard DIN rail, is made of a master module and a variable number of extension modules for analog and digital sensor interfacing. The available extension modules range between 1 to 6 sensor channels and supports one or more sensor types (mv/V,V/V,0-20mA, Vibrating Wire, RS232, RS485). Hence, the extension modules can be combined for an optimal set of hardware interface on each MMS-1 node.
The master module, which represents the core of the MMS-1 node, is available in different configuration:

  •  Local datalogger with onboard SD card
  • Wireless datalogger with integrated GPRS/UMTS modem allowing to forward data to a remote server
  • Wireless multi-hop datalogger supporing one of the following technologies:
    • Proprietary wireless sensor network protocol (2.4Ghz or 433 Mhz),
    • Zigbee,
    • Wireless HART
    • 6LowPan
    • Wireless multi-hop datalogger with integrated GPRS/UMTS allowing to forward data of the whole network to a remote server

The MMS-1 can be powered by adding a DIN battery module with the following supported configurations:

  • 1 Type D Thionyl Chloride battery 3.6V/3.9V
  • 1 Type C Thionyl Chloride battery 3.6V/3.9V
  • 1 Type AA Thionyl Chloride battery 3.6V/3.9V
  • 3 Type AA Alkaline batteries (3-4.5V)
  • 1 Energy harvesting module with indoor/outdoor solar panel
  • 1 Power adapter with rechargeable battery (backup)