Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

We offer underwater communication, networking and monitoring systems based on patented cutting edge underwater networking solutions which allow to create reliable and secure networked underwater monitoring systems made of different kinds of devices (moored nodes, surface nodes, autonomous vehciles) which use underwater communication technologies to communicate and cooperate together to achieve the requested task. Our solution already supports different acoustic modems for underwater communication (WHOI Micro-Modem; Evologics modem,  Kongsberg modem, Teledyne Benthos modem, Applicon modem),  a wide variety of sensing platforms for data collection (including cutting edge probes for environmental underwater sensors for temperature, CO2 and methane concentrations), remote and on-line control of  the navigation system of different autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) and it can be easily extended to work with additional external devices. Our solutions runs on a variety of embedded devices supported by commercial underwater platforms.

Our solutions has been extensively validated and evaluated during twenty at sea experimental campaigns with navies, leading companies and international research organizations. WSENSE has also been a contributor to the NIAG 190 study on the evolution of the NATO standard.

The key features of our offer are:

  • Networking solutions. We offer solutions based on SUNSET Software Defined Communication Stack (S-SDCS), the leading world-wide software module enabling adaptive, multi-modal, reliable and performing underwater networking. Our solutions dynamically adapt their operation to reflect channel variability and changes in application requirements. It is based on techologies on which Wsense has filed international patents.
  • Secure underwater communications. We have developed a framework for full-fledged security (encryption, authentication, digital signature) in underwater communications.
  • We produce underwater nodes which integrate multi-vendor probes, modems and integrate our networking and data processing unit.
  • We offer SW platforms for data integration, analysis and presentation which can be customized to different applications.
  • We offer tools to ease underwater systems deployment (node configuration, management, protocol selection).
  • We have experience designing, developing and deploying complete underwater monitoring systems (from nodes, to networking solutions, to SW platforms) tailored to the needs of a given application.