Museums Microclimate Monitoring

WSENSE developed a turnkey, tiny but complete, system specifically designed to monitor microclimate inside protective cases and display cabinets of exhibition spaces or museums.

The WS-MC 01 is made of several wireless sensor nodes and one or more USB dongles with WSN/WI-FI interface that can be plugged to wall outlets of the museum. When deployed, USB dongles build a multi-hop Wireless Sensor Network that directs data toward a collection point. Each wireless sensor searches for the closest USB dongle to which it forwards temperature and humidity data.

Each USB dongle in WI-FI range operates as a collection point and forwards data to a remote server; when Wi-Fi is not available, one USB dongle can be plugged to a computer which becomes the collection point of the network.

The monitoring system allows users to dynamically change the sampling period of each sensor node and to set and manage alarm thresholds. For additional security and to ensure data continuity, sensor nodes also act as dataloggers, locally storing the sampled temperature and humidity data with an autonomy of a minimum of 6 months.