Research & Innovation

As a spin-off of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Wsense participates to a large set of research activities which are leading to new products in different research areas. Wsense acquired years of experience in Infrastructure Monitoring, starting from 2010, where Wsense members were involved in the EU FP6 project Genesi. In the Genesi project, Wsense developed a  wireless sensor network with hardware interfaces for strain gauges able to monitor the tunnel construction of the B1 line underground in Rome. In the national project Tetris, Wsense developed a wireless sensor network for structural health monitoring and air pollution monitoring interfaced to the TETRA emergency network. Wsense also participated as subcontractor of the Nexse consulting group in the national project Motus for the deployment of a wireless sensor network for air pollution and vehicular traffic monitoring in order to provide real-time information for urban mobility. As an outcome of these experiences, Wsense developed the MMS-01 Monitoring System, a modular low-power wireless platform for structural health monitoring applications.